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Jonathan Vilma:


"Making Moves"


Interview By: Myrdith Leon-McCormack

Edited By: April Harrrison

News segments are constantly filled with athletes' shortcoming but rarely showcase their benevolence. Celebrities don't want their identities to outshine the glory of what they do; however, it should be noted that there is a great majority of professional athletes that give back to their communities, stand-up with the subjugated, and fight for a number of causes and world issues. Celebrity Report Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Jonathan Vilma, New Orleans Saints' star Middle Linebacker, to discuss one of his positive

endeavors off the gridiron.


CRM: What is your purpose here (at the United Nations)?

Jonathan: Today my purpose is to visit with the Haitian Diplomat and to promote the hurricane proof houses, starting preferably in Haiti.

CRM: Why is Haiti so important to you?

Jonathan: The tragedies that hit Haiti affected me directly because I'm of Haitian descent; both of my parents were born there. During last year's football season, there were catastrophic incidents in Haiti. Unfortunately two schools collapsed due to their poor structure. After a few conversations about the devastation, the only conclusion seemed to be affordable hurricane proof housing. These types of houses can prevent accidents and save lives in Haiti ... and the rest of Caribbean.

CRM: Why do you feel it's necessary to bring this issue to light?

Jonathan: It's definitely necessary. The world should be more informed about the circumstances that plague Haiti. Not only is this issue relevant to me, but the victims of these tragedies. It's a global problem that not only affects Haiti and the Caribbean, but the United States as well. Hurricane Katrina is a prime example of what I'm talking about; the cause and effect of such tragedies is far reaching. That's why I am here today supporting this issue. It is my goal to get as many people as I can involved; in order to, make the lives of many better. ..safer. That means if I have to use my status, to get people to help with a solution for Haiti (and other places), then that's what I will do ... Everyone should get on board for this cause!


CRM: How would you like the public to react to such a disheartening situation?

Jonathan: I want everyone to realize their assistance is necessary. It is crucial that people make a conscious effort to donate not only money, but their time too. Calling and emailing decision makers about the need for hurricane proof houses is a step in the right direction.


CRM: Is there anything you want to convey to the readers?

Jonathan: Yes. First, everyone needs to know that dreams come true. If you aspire to do something you

love, do it 110% ... don't stop at "no." I feel just as strong about affordable housing in Haiti. Here we are

extremely tech savvy in 2009 and have caught up with the world; so there is no reason why we (as a whole) cannot fix living conditions for not only for Americans, but for the entire world.





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