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Chrisette Michele:


Record Release Party


By Nikki Gardner

Chrisette had us in admiration while modeling her new bold, blonde haircut and wearing a chic black blazer over a printed t-shirt and lack ieans. She exuded a very pleasant and charming personality as we conducted her interview. It is evident her personality surfaces

in her music.


Her jazzy, neosoul sound pulls us closer to her soul as does "Epiphany" seems to be able to do for us. With the help of Neyo, the sultry songbird sings about breaking up and falling in love.


Chrisette, age 26, is a native of Patchogue, NY where her father was a deacon of their church and her mother was the choir director. Chrisette had led the gospel choir in her high school. She graduated from Five Towns College with a vocal performance degree.


Chrisette released her first album, "I Am", in 2007 under Def Jam where she is a singer

and songwriter. She featured on various artists albums such as Nas, Jay Z and The Game.

She made her acting debut in "The CW's Girlfriends" in 2008, guest starring as herself.

C hrisette received the BET J Virtual Awards in 2008 and Grammy Award in 2009.


We can remember hearing Chrisette i a u y sound on the chorus of Nas "Can't Forget

About Us" and Jay Z's "Lost One's". She gave both singles an Ella Fitzgerald and

Billie Holiday appeal, as she is most often compared to. Her single, "If I Have My Way",

from her first album, "I Am", was a slow, very sexy and passionate melody about how it

would be with someone she is admiring if she, of course, had her way. That single introduced us to Chrisette Michelle as a soloist. Even her black and white music video of her on stage singing to a one man audience proved to us that musically, Chrisette is definitely older thanher time.


Chrisette admits being "shy and laidback" when she first started and "wanted to make

songs that were more edgy, youthful and urban". "Epiphany" is indeed a much edgier

side of Chrisette. Although it took almost two years for the release of her second album,

"Epiphany" has proven that it was worth the wait.


It has also proven itself by charting

number one of the Billboard 200 countdown in its debut week. "Epiphany", also

the album's single, is not the only song that catches the attention to many

fans on her second album. "Epiphany" fun sounding journey takes us through a break

up between her and her man due to his insensitivity for the relationship.

The lovely Chrisette Michele celebrated her album release party for her new album

"Epiphany" on May 13" at The

Ulta Lounge.


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