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"Doing Big Things


Interview By: Kimbery Walcott • Written By: April Harrrison

Photos By: Holden Jay

With a wrestling career spanning over 13 years, Brimstone, born William M. Kucmierowski, has been one of the most influential and successful wrestlers of all time. His achievements are unparallel by any current day wrestler. Branching out into the world of entertainment, he has expanded his resume to include independent and studio film and production credits, numerous television appearances, comic book adaptations of his stage persona, and most recently, he has launched his own clothing line - BrimWear Clothing. As he puts it, "I have been making strides but it has been difficult because I have my hands in so many different cookie jars." During his promotional tour for his new comic book, The BorderHounds, Celebrity Reporter Magazine was able to get a sit down with Brimstone to discuss the man inside the wrestler.


CRM: Were you born and raised in New York?

Brim: Yes I was (he smiles). Actually I was born in Mineola, and for the majority of my life, I was raised in Uniondale, New York (home of Nassau Coliseum). As I entered college, my mom moved us to Plainview, which was an absolute culture shock to me considering it was an all white area; when in Uniondale, I was the only white guy with long hair. I was at all of the hip hop clubs, loving the vibe. The Hip Hop culture became a part of me; it was in my blood.


CRM: How did you become an integral part of Levittown?

Brim: I decided to move my family there, because it's a wonderful middle class area. My children (Dylan who's seven and Samantha, who is eleven), are my life and I want the best for them. With that said, I felt that Levittown wasn't one of those rich uppity neighborhoods; it was a community where I felt they could thrive. My town is peaceful & inviting and comfortable. Being a community oriented person (with my philanthropy and charities), I delve into anything that I saw could help. Gary Hudes (the town's Councilman), the town's Supervisor, Kate Murray and I speak on a regular, so that I can stay in tune with everything that is going on. They know that if and when they need my assistance, they can count on me. I am involved in many of the town's events. To show my support for the troops, I also donate my time to the Levittown Memorial Day Parade. Myself along with Bumblefoot (Guns 'N Roses), Claire Unabia (America's Next Top Model), Jose Hernandez, Jr. and some other celebrities are affiliated with The Get. A.Voice Program, a program created by Dr. Lori Mandel. It is geared toward antibullying in schools, which is a serious problem in schools. Dr. Mandel saw the need for the program and did something about it.


CRM: Where did you get your strong family roots? I say this because I'm listening to you and wondering. Celebrities don't always have the drive to do something for others.

Brim: My strong family values were instilled by my mother. If it wasn't for her and how she raised me, I know I would not be where I am. I grew up the product

of divorce in Uniondale (New York) , where my mother worked hard to take care of me, while being an important part of the community. Uniondale is not the richest of neighborhoods, struggle is everywhere. But my mom stepped in to help. She took care of all the kids in the community and her example inspired me to help others in the community. It is because of her that I give back. If I can do anything to make a difference I'll always do it.


CRM: I read in your bio that you were sick and tired of being in a five way marriage. Please explain.

Brim: Don't worry; I'm not a bigamous (he laughs). Okay let me explain. For many years, I was a drummer in a band and I loved what I did. But as a member of a band, you have to deal with the different aspects of the band besides making and playing music; it also includes everyone's different personalities. No matter how bad

you want it to work; sometimes it just doesn't work out the way you want. This is why I compared the relationship to a marriage. So in that sense I was married to my band and our music. Unfortunately it became too much and I got sick and tired of dealing with the whole scene, so I moved on ... and then my wrestling career took off.



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