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"Physical Fitness Program"


Interview By: Gregory Johnson

Edited: By Nikki Gardner

Bartendaz is a physical fineness program, which consists of calisthenics, military drills and martial arts. Mr. Hassan Bartendaz began Bartendaz in 1993 and it has grown into something rather spectacular. Involved in the program is our youth and the community. Bartendaz makes being emotionally, mentally and physically fit a hip task. Watching their videos on their website and youtube.com has proven that Bartendaz is definitely a very cool and positive method in staying in shape. CRM had the pleasure in speaking to Mr. Yasin at a Harlem Park about his division, the Bartendaz, to get a better understanding on him and the program.


CRM: Giant, give us a little bio about yourself and who you are and what you do?

Giant: My name is Hassan Yasin but they call me Giant, which is an acronym for "Growing Is A Noble

Thing". We have a critical thinking empowerment program for youth, which is "Giant Thinking", which is another acronym "Giant Is A Noble Thing" and "To Help Introduce Nationwide Knowledge Involving Natural Guidance". The fitness component is Bartendaz because we don't believe 'bud' makes our youth wiser. We want you to pull up your character, attitude and personality "Your C.A.P." on the bar so you won't be behind the wrong bars. I am the Founder / CEO behind this whole movement and I am humble by it.


CRM: Tell us where are you from?

Giant: I am from Harlem. I grew up there most of my life and the other part is the lower eastside but

most of my family and seasoning roots came from Harlem. It is all about giving something back to the

community. This is my give back and this is the first grass root organization. Grass roots meaning from

the community, visiting 20 countries and over 10 million hits without a sponsorship.


CRM: Tell our readers about what type of exercise the Bartendaz do?

Giant: What we try to do is the things that are totally innovative and brand new to the whole system.

What we created at Bartendaz is a movement and lifestyle. This stuff is indigenous. This stuff is before

we could lift weights. Years ago Blacks (African Americans) couldn't go to certain people gyms. You

knew who were the number one boxers and ball players leading in every sport so you think 'where

were they training?' We didn't have a gym. We were in the forest pulling up on them trees using

natural things so we said to our people 'what can we create for those that can't afford to go to a gym

but want to do something about themselves?' So then another thing was where are we going to send

them because all of the gangsters and thugs are in the parks selling drugs. So I said we could create

something innovative and challenging for them because we need more health competition instead of

brothers saying I can knock someone out faster than you. So we have them knock the pull ups out.


Now you are getting challenged with something positive and a person don't have to walk away with 'I'll be back'. Take the beating on the bar and call it a day. So we decided to bring the people to the park because it is free. You don't need to be a member. You can come walk the park a few times and get some intelligent conversations with the brothers in the park. I keep telling brothers when you lift weights it is not the same atmosphere. Actually it is a different conversation with the brothers and sisters at the pull up bar than at the weights. I'm not saying brothers with the weights are dumb but the conversations are not on the same level as people on the bar. You don't know who you are going to meet and on those weights there is an age limit. My oldest member is 92 and I met him on the bar. So I know that the park has brought so much synergy to the community. So when I say innovative movement I mean pull ups, push ups, dips and crunches right in your house. That means you can be in your house watching TV working out. You don't have to go to a gym if you can't afford it. I want you to invest in yourself and the heaviest thing I want you to lift is knowledge - a book so I don't want you to be mentally bankrupt.






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