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Anwan wears many hats in the industry. He is an actor, model, musician and humanitarian. He is much an inspiration after hearing his story of coming from the streets to being deeply involved in getting children off the streets. I was given the opportunity to meet Anwan and to be introduced to the man outside of "Slim' because he is much more than that. And now I have the opportunity to give you, the readers, a glimpse of this man's world. Surely Anwan is and will always be a force to be reckoned with.


What got you involved in acting and music?

AG: As a young kid in school, we had theater and dance groups and I started a Go- Go band and playing on buckets and stuff in the city and at various ventures - downtown pigeon park and 14th street, where we come from. I was just active in music and theater because we didn't really have a big theater that we could use in the District of Columbia so I stayed in school and utilized the school program. I was really big on TV.


What type of show did you like when growing up?

AG: Goodtimes, Sanford and Son, and shows that I can relate to. I was also a big cartoon fan. I watched Thunder Cats, Woody Woodpecker, The Hulk and a lot of other cartoons. I was just a regular kid that was into TV hard.


Who are some of the people that have inspired you?

AG: Sidney Poitier is one of my favorites because back in the day, as an African American, acting washard and he put a mark in Hollywood history as a Black man, along with Bill Cosby. I have also been inspired by Larry Fishburn. Sidney Poitier is my favorite and I hope to work with him some day also. I'd also love to work with Don Cheadle.


Tell us about your experience on 'The Wire' playing Slim Charles.

AG: They really grabbed me as a young kid coming on the show. ldris Elba, Woodhurst, and cats like that just took me in and shown me love. Just my experience on the show was brilliant. We were the largest African American cast for 2 years in the industry.


What other type of characters would you like to play in future films?

AG: I'm open to anything. I just got off Satellite Radio with Angela E. We were discussing that and she said she'd like to see me play a love role. I'd love to do that or something like a grandson to Sydney Portier. I can grasp any role put before me. I can become any character. I'm still fresh in it so I can do anything.


What's your new film 'Shoe Dog' about?

AG: It's based on four guy's who grew up together and one went to the Navy. I play the character, Jackson. I'm a manipulator and I like to get people to do what I want them to do to benefit myself. I want the big pot and I will give everyone else a little bit of crumbs "A gangster with a smile." It is different from my character on the wire. People are going to look at me and say he is in another element but it is still a little gangster and showing another side of me that I can do other roles and not just the killing and mugging. It is a good film. George Pelikinders and Michael Delfake were going to shoot it in July but they pushed it back until August. I am really excited about it and have the script memorized and I study it every 2 days so I am focused. So when it is time to shoot, I can nail it.


Are you working on any other projects outside of 'Shoe Dog'?

AG: I got written in on a new project from Dave Simon. He is the same writer from 'The Wire'. It is being shot in New Orleans. It's about 4 or 5 episodes I will be in. I am still waiting on the breakdown but these two roles should put me on board.

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