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About Us

Intrigued by the magazine business since the late nineties, exhausted by the way some Hip Hop magazines presented themselves and artists, and the fact that I was a definite fan of the Hip Hop Movement and its culture, resulted in the birth of Celebrity Report Magazine (CRM). It wasn’t until 2005, that the opportunity finally presented itself for me to create my magazine. From the beginning, the focus would be to offer readers a look into the positive work that Hip Hop artists accomplish and not concentrate on negativity. The goal of Celebrity Report Magazine (CRM) is to be a reliable and informative source on your favorite celebrities and our community.


In addition to providing its readers an insight into the world of Hip Hop with exclusive interviews from stars of Music, Film, Sports, and Fashion, our magazine will also include sections dedicated to social, world, community, medical, family, and relationship issues. Celebrity Report Magazine (CRM) will also pay tribute to that percentage of individuals that work diligently to improve of our communities, the people that take action, in response to society's most pressing issues, and the ones that lead by example……the everyday person. It is that person that serves as a true inspiration to many of the athletes, actors, moguls, musicians, and the fashionistas.


I hope you enjoy our publication and we look forward to providing you with everything positive within our Hip Hop Community.



Edward Funches


Celebrity Report Magazine